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24th-Jun-2013 06:04 pm - Welcome...

... to the journal rantings of a common weirdo. You may call me Sirrah here, if you wish. I react to pretty much anything. Some of you might now me as Airi, if you feel like calling me that it's fine. Most of you won't have a clue who the flyingfish I am. Allow me to rectify this.

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In case you're still confused about why you're here, you may drop me a note and I may or may not be able to help you with that grave problem. And even if I'm not of any help, comments are always quite welcome. I'm a chatterbox, as you'll note sooner than you'd like to.

Good luck not getting lost or confused here. I tagged somethings, you'll find them... somewhere. On the left, currently. The tags are pretty descriptive of what I had in mind when I created the respective entry, for whatever that's worth. Have... fun?

I have a confession to make. I am must unhealthily obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this means mostly that I have acquired an obsession for the movies about any of the ‘Avengers’ and am slowly and tentatively crawling my way towards the Mutants.

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And let this be a chance for me to warn you: I have a new obsession and a fandom and this will not be the last that you hear of me on that matter.

… Sorrry?
16th-Apr-2014 10:37 pm - Camp Nano 2014 - April - Day 16
Sorry for the delay in updating this, party people.

We’re halfway through the month and I’m not halfway through the word count. Le gasp, commence the sobbing. I don’t know how this could happen. Again. It was really going well through the whole of week one. I didn’t write ahead – as I do that usually and it breaks my neck sometimes – but stayed on time and I was proud of that. Towards the middle of week two, though, I let things slide. At first, I was only a little behind. At day nine it was more or less two hundred words. And it’s not like I was lazy – I just use the time I had and started to write some fanfiction drabbles and shit. (Because It’s quite obviously clever to start another thing during camp-time.)
Then I didn’t write on day ten or eleven. I thought – no biggie, I can marathon it all away on day twelve, the writing Saturday. And it will be good for my motivation through the whole month if I have another project to run to when I hit writer’s block. So instead I dabbled in fanfiction reading and writing and promised myself to catch up on camp stuff later. Except I didn’t. Instead I learned how to change the wheels on a car. I took a walk. I watched a series. I did some re-decorating and some sports. And when I sat down in front of my laptop as soon as it got dark outside I had arms that felt almost torn out and I decided – I’ll just do a bit of writing – three thousand words, not even enough for two lazy days - and I’ll properly catch up tomorrow. I can to five thousand words on a day, no biggie. And guess what? Boo fucking hoo. I didn’t write on Saturday either, because, apparently, I can afford that. What, you say I can’t? Damn right I can’t. But I was crazed like a small kid about the fact that university started again on Monday.
Naturally, I didn’t write on Monday or Tuesday, because I was busy being back to a regular schedule and to people who all wanted to “meet up for a coffee” and “talk about what I missed in your life”. Yeah. You didn’t miss anything! What do you expect to have happened? Me doing something surprising or cool for once? Like, I don’t know, finishing a novel? Nah. But that didn’t keep me from keeping myself from writing in talking about it anyway.
So. Now we have day 16. I have no idea where week two went. I’m in a half-assed denial that we aren’t in week three already. And I am over ten thousand words behind the quota I should have by now. I’ve written just above 2k today  - so I’m at 19k - and I have no idea when exactly I shall manage to catch up. Especially if the coming week will be anything like this one. Especially with guests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Especially with my sister coming back from her trip and expecting me to make room for her in my schedule (which I usually do with pleasure but… *whines* Camp Nano!)
That being said, I finished writing Chapter V still on time, so I should see to it that I get that one posted here tomorrow. Not that anyone’s reading it but… if I go by that reasoning, I shouldn’t bother to write anything here at all, right?
So – see y’all, folks!
5th-Apr-2014 09:49 pm - Irritium - VI

“We fight the eminent threat like a macrophage
Blood tears and sweat with a war we wage
If we can't get the key we'll break the cage
Bleed for liberty and get machines to rage“

(Ignite – Zebrahead)

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5th-Apr-2014 09:47 pm - Camp NaNo 2014- Day 05
Hello there, folks!

Tada :) I'm still at it and even in time. I didn't make it to daily entries here, and neither have I hit the right amount of words every day so far, but I did write something on a regular basis. That's pretty good for me so far. I didn't even restart, which is... something worth noticing with me. I might even stick with it all the way through and finish it at 50k. I'm keeping my fingers crossed there. If I write one chapter in four days, the story will be through with seven chapters, a prologue and an epilogue. Sounds fine with me.

Another thing that I'm doing for once is sticking with one real main character, one Point of View. Usually I have about eight of them (...and more), but I'm really challenging myself this time around. A new genre and a new way of storytelling all together. This time around, the Prologue is the end of the story, and then I write the chapter's 'backwards' start with the thing furthest off from the prologue, and with each chapter I get a year closer to what's happening - and the Epilogue will pick up where the Prologue left off. Or that's how I planned it. Other new things? I'm trying to not describe too much. My Main Character is actually... not clearly on the good side (I'm still not sure whether or not the term villian applies). I pretty much know where and how to end it. I'm also limiting the things my character actually sees, so it's a more unreliable third person narrator of sorts. Though it still is no first person narrator. I just don't like these. Or to be honest - I despise them so much when most people write them, that I'd hate to write them myself and end up despising my own story.

What else can I tell you? My cabinmates over at Camp NaNo are a nice bunch. We're twelve ( I think) with five or six active ones. Of those five or six ones I think four are on time, one is a head and then there's me, who's wavering between being on time and slightly late. It's also the first year people really talk about their novels. We're all writing something dystopean, and yesterday someone started a conversation on the horrible things we did to your characters so far. Boy, there's some serious mass murdering going on in our novels. I feel like I belong righ there ;)

But, I think I'll call it a night here for now. As the first chapter's done now, I'll post it. Don't be confused by it being called "VI". The next one will be "V" and so forth. A countdown of sorts, as I explained above. (And don't hit me for typos and grammar issues. I'm doing that myself already. It's hard to write something and not read through it again. My inner editor hates me.)
1st-Apr-2014 11:39 pm - Irritium - Prologue


Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time,
What's your rush now?
Everyone will have his day to die”

(The Outsider - A perfect circle)

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Howdy, Wrimos!

So, today was the first day of camp. I didn’t do a write in and neither did I get much of a headstart, but have a vague idea of where I want this story to go and I have reached the goal of today – 1.7k. As I get comfortable in my big blue tent now and get myself a hot chocolat for the night, I thought hat maybe we could sit down at the campfire and I can actually tell you about what I have so far.

So, maybe some of you already know that I’m more of a pantser than a planer. While a planner usually already knows what he will write about and maybe even has a set cast of characters laid out before him, the pantser just dives into his story. I’m a particularly unhappy type of pantser who doesn’t have clue what he’s diving into even as he jumps. Meaning: When I opened the document and wrote the first lines, I was just as surprised by the dialogue as any reader will be. So, let’s discover my story together, shall we?

When I sat down, I only knew that I wanted it to be a dystopian-style science-fiction. I have never really written any piece of Sci-Fi that would qualify to be called an ‘expiernce’ in that genre, so I was pretty nervous. I restarted the prologue three times before this one suddenly… well, happened. I had a nice name for a character happen out of nowhere and a very vague image in my head as to how this should unfold. As I finished the prologue, I got an idea for what might work as a red thread for the story, and the idea became the title. It is all pretty vague so far, to me just as much as to you, but I know that I can go from there. So I will now share my Prologue with you guys, in the next post. If all works well, by the end of this month we will have a completed story on this blog – wouldn’t that be nice?

However, fellow Wrimo, let me warn you: I really did ban my inner editor out of my tent while I wrote. There will probably be a handful of typos in there. I ask you to kindly turn a blind eye on them – editing is for May, after all.

Feel hugged,


31st-Mar-2014 12:45 pm - Me and Writing II
There we go. Ages later, but a continuation of the 30 Day Writing Meme. Day 06 to 15, here we go.

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31st-Mar-2014 12:11 pm - 50 books challenge 2014
50 books challenge 2014

Hello everyone!
This is my second attempt at trying this. I started a new round with January, 1th 2014. I didn’t plan ahead which books I want to read this year, and I won’t be able to make an entry for every book as soon as it’s finished, but I plan an adding reviews here as soon as I find the time. For now, this entry will serve as a constantly updates masterlist of which books I read and finished, and later thorough reviews will be linked.

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31st-Mar-2014 12:04 pm - Back again
Hi there, folks!

So, yeah, me again. I sorted through the blog recently and deleted a few entries and tags that probably won’t get continued for a bit. I also revamped a couple of tags. I mostly deleted the masterlist and anything sims 2. The masterlist might come back, but in split entries. And I’m just posting this for the record. Which reminds me to also state for the record that I got a DeviantArt (...sometime last year) that I will have to introduce sooner or later. And to state that tonight I will be back for Camp NaNoWriMo. With SciFi for this year, for shizzles! :D (And, if I can, regular updates. How cool would that be, if I would make it? ;))

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